The Sports Therapy Room

Dave Gosbee

Sports & Remedial Massage

  • Massage for Pain Relief
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • Indian Head Massage

Sports & Remedial Massage

This form of massage is for the relief of pain and muscle imbalance, using a variety of couch based techniques, coupled with rehabilitation exercises. It is individually suited to your needs and will support your chosen activities or the gym.

Duration: 1 Hour

Indian Head Massage

If you want to completely zone out and enjoy a calming, relaxing  

tonic then this form of massage is perfect. Working on the head, neck and shoulders whilt in an upright position. The massage is slow and methodical, working your Marma points to encourage the body’s own healing process. Authentic Indian hair oils can be used if requested.

Duration: 1 Hour


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