diana o’reilly

chartered physiotherapist


– General Injury Management

– Pain Management

– Sports injuries

– athletic development



All About Diana


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when you have been affected by injury, illness or disability. It is a science based chartered profession and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and well-being.

Your recovery programme is tailored to your specific individual needs following a full clinical assessment and development of a treatment plan. This may include hands on treatment of joints and soft tissue (manual therapy), movement re-education, a personalised exercise plan and general advice.

The aim is to also provide you with the knowledge that you need so you can TakeControl of your recovery, reduce the risk of re-injury and return to your normal chosen activities as soon as possible with guidance and support. It is suitable for all ages and  level of ability.

Initial Assessment – 1 Hour

Follow-Up Appointments – 45 Minutes

Athletic Development

This is a sport specific screening process that highlights your body’s weak links and results in the development of a programme to allow you to work towards your personal goals. I work alongside your Coach/ Personal Trainer to maximise your success.

Initial Assessment – 1 Hour

Follow-Up Appointments – 45 Minutes



Mobile – 07912 062778

Email enquiries@takecontrolphysio.co.uk

Web – www.takecontrolphysio.co.uk