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Personal Training

improve technique

Workout safely and effectively under the tuition of a Personal Coach. Our coaches help you to perfect your technique to reduce the chance of injury.

better  accountability

Changing or developing any new habit can be hard work, especially trying to improve your health and fitness. A Personal Coach can help you stay on track when your motivation is low. 

Being answerable to someone builds better accountability which in turn produces improved results.


Specific Coaching & support

A lot of Health and Fitness programmes are what known as ‘cookie cutter’ plans. This means that you’re treated exactly the same as everyone else regardless of lifestyle, gender or any other differences between us as humans.

The fact of the matter is we’re all different. We have different needs, likes, lifestyles and even reactions to exercise. Working with a Personal Coach allows us to build a programme uniquely to you and your lifestyle.


Personal Training

Kickstart programme

Our exclusive Kickstart Programme comes is an integral  part of EVERY membership with All About Me Fitness. This 4 Week programme lays the foundation for your results, you’ll work 1-2-1 with one of our coaches over 3 Personal Training  sessions. Going through your goals, building confidence in basic exercise patterns, tracking your progress and helping you build a nutrition plan to support your workouts.


gold membership

Gold Membership is our most popular Personal Training membership. You get the benefit a Personal Coach at a cost effective price. You’ll benefit from all the standard gym classes and nutritional coaching but combined with 2 PT sessions every month allowing for more accountability. Your coach will monitor your progress and help you to build important lifestyle habits that will improve your overall health and fitness in no time.


Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership is our premium coaching programme. Working closely with one of our coaches every week, to help build a healthier lifestyle based around your personal goals. You’re  not only supported by our nutrition coaching but also an exclusive 12 week diary designed specifically to help you interact with your coach better, building on your strengths and improving your limiting behaviours. Platinum Membership really is the best way to achieve great results.


Try One of Our

Kickstart Fitness Trials

If you want to see what All About Me Fitness has to offer you before you commit to a membership, why not try one of our Kick-start Fitness Trials. You can see for yourself first hand why we’re probably the last gym you’ll ever have to join.


“All About Me Fitness has a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome. Although the coaches work you out hard, they never push you too far. It’s a great place to workout and have fun.”


“All About Me Fitness is a really friendly gym that helps us develop our fitness with encouragement to progress at our own place. The nutrition advice helps to support us eating a healthy diet.”



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