Ladies Only Circuit

The Perfect Choice For Ladies Who Are Looking For a Low Impact Workout.

What Is The Ladies Only Circuit?

The unique Ladies Only Circuit is very different from most traditional gyms. Based around hydraulic equipment, the low impact workout perfectly blends strength exercise to keep your muscles toned with a cardiovascular workout, helping you to increase your fitness and lose weight.

Who Would Benefit?

The Circuit is perfectly designed for those who need a low impact solution to their workout. Maybe you are new to working out, returning from injury or even a looking for a workout that will help strength and mobility, then this circuit is perfect for you.

Benefits of This Workout 3 Times a Week…

By doing the circuit just 3 times a week you will feel some really positive effects both mentally and physically, including:

bullet2Improved General Fitness

bullet2Weight Loss

bullet2Greater Muscle Tone

bullet2Better Mobility

bullet2Higher Quality of Sleep

bullet2Improved Mindset and Motivation

Opening Times

Monday – Friday

8.45am – 6.30pm


9.00am – 12.00pm

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