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One of our main focuses is on building community and ensuring we provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all of our members. Feeling like you belong here is key to your success.

fitness for all levels

Joining a gym can be daunting especially when you think everyone there is going to be ‘super fit’. We want to help ‘newbies’ not only feel welcome but also feel comfortable working out. This is why all our workouts are designed ALL to suit any fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gym goer, we can make our sessions work for you.

Coaching & support

The main reasons people give up on their health and fitness goals is because their motivation begins to lower and without the right support network it can be really tough to keep going. All our memberships come with a level of coaching and support to help keep you going. Whether it’s through one of our new Progress Cards or with one of our Personal Coaching memberships, our aim is to help you keep on track.


No one wants to be stuck in the same mundane workout week in week out. This is why stay ahead of fitness trends and bring you innovative workouts so that you never get stuck in a rut.

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Kickstart Fitness Trials

If you want to see what All About Me Fitness has to offer you before you commit to a membership, why not try one of our Kick-start Fitness Trials. You can see for yourself first hand why we’re probably the last gym you’ll ever have to join.


“I have lived in Leighton Buzzard area for 28 years and been a member of most of the gyms. I has started working out at home when a friend told me to try All About Me Fitness. Having a trial means you can give it a go with no commitment but I have to say it is hands down the BEST gym I have ever experienced. There is a lovely relaxed vibe about the place, but that said, Andy and his team are extremely professional and motivating. I cannot recommend this place enough.”


“I joined All About Me Fitness because I don’t like traditional gyms with rows and rows of faceless machinery and the feeling of being judged for what you’re doing or wearing. All About Me Fitness is a friendly club, with a good variety of instructor led bootcamps and classes. Their nutritional support program is brilliant too if your goal is to lose weight without the need for the ‘usual name and shame’ organisations. LOVE IT”



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Try one of our 'Kickstart Your Fitness' Trials