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What are your membership prices?

Our membership prices start from £35p/m but our prices do increase in value as you add further Personal Coaching. For a full breakdown your can see our prices here.

Do you offer pay as you go?

We only have a pay as you go option available for classes through the Gym Catch App. Whilst pay as you go is a viable option for some, you do miss out on a varitey of membership benefits such as our exclusive nutritional coaching.

I’m new to working out will I be able to cope?

100% YES! We pride ourselves on being able to find a workout for you, no matter what your fitness level.

Is your gym ladies only?

Yes and No… Whilst our facility used to ladies only, we now offer our full class timetable. The Low Impact Circuit remains Ladies Only at this time.

can I do just nutrition coaching?

At this present time our nutrition coaching is open to just All About Me Fitness members. We are currently working towards offering our Online Nutrition Coaching as a stand alone membership.

Can I do a trial before joining?

Definitely, we offer 2 exclusive trial memberships to new joiners. Find out more by clicking the trial link on this page.

how do I join?

If you’ve enjoyed your trial with us and want to join, you can simply talk to one of the coaches and they’ll sign you up at reception. Otherwise you can join online through our link on the Get Started page.

is there a joining fee or contract?

We’re happy to say there is NO joining fee, your first monthly payment will come out within 5 working days of signing up. However we do have a 3 month contract on all our memberships. This is to give you the opportunity to really feel the benefits of regular exercise.


“All About Me Fitness has a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome. Although the coaches work you out hard, they never push you too far. It’s a great place to workout and have fun.”


“All About Me Fitness is a really friendly gym that helps us develop our fitness with encouragement to progress at our own place. The nutrition advice helps to support us eating a healthy diet.”



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