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Bootcamp: HiiT

A high intensity class thats designed to get your heart pumping and you sweating. Perfect for those who want to burn body fat and increase their fitness levels.

Bootcamp: Strong

This total body circuit is based around weight lifting techniques perfect for toning your body.


Combines a blend of pad work and high intensity exercise to bring you an enjoyable stress relieving, all over body workout.


An indoor cycling class designed to put you through your paces. Using a variety of sprints and hill climbs spin is a fantastic cardovascular class.

Kb & Suspension

The blend of kettlebells and suspension training lends itself perfectly for increasing muscular strength and endurance whilst burning more calories and improving your core


This class focuses predominantly on strengthening the deep core muscles of the stomach, back and pelvic floor. It also helps to improve focus, co-ordination, stability and flexibility.


Whilst all of our classes have elements of core work in them, this class really focuses closely on your stomach and supportive core muscles.

Stretch & Mobility

This holistic class focuses on rescovery, improving flexibilty, mobility and general all over body movement.


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