Group Classes Designed To Be Perfectly Blended Around Your Workout Routine And Fitness Level, Maximising Your Results!

What Are Classes?

Classes are designed to take a group of people through a focused workout. Our class timetable has been created to provide a blend of 3 variations of workouts (Conditioning, Cardio and Holistic). Each class will work perfectly with our main workout packages, offering you more variety throughout your plan.

Who Would Benefit?

Classes are great for those who may struggle with motivation or are nervous about working out. Each class is led by an instructor who can ensure you get the most out of your workout whilst paying attention to exercise form, lowering the risk of injury and boosting your results. Our classes have a max limit of 12 people so you will always get the attention you need.

Benefits of Attending Classes?

I have been coming to All About Me Fitness since it opened in May 2015. I regularly attened the classes including Pilates, Yoga, Kettlebells and Box-HiiT as well as the occasional Bootcamp. I find the classes are fun, non-threatening and a great place to meet new people. I really feel that it’s fitness based around my own level and I never feel in competition with anyone. – Nicky

Attending a regular class can have a huge benefit to your results, targeting an area you feel you need to improve.

bullet2Improved General Fitness

bullet2Targeted Workouts

bullet2Full Cardio Workouts

bullet2Stronger Core

bullet2Increased Motivation

bullet2Fun and Enjoyable Atmosphere

Class Timetable

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