A Fun Filled, High Intensity Workout, Perfect For Those Looking To Accelerate Their Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

What is Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp has been designed around HIIT principles. The 30 minute workout incorporates a blend of strength training with blasts of cardio exercise. Whilst suitable for all fitness levels, this unique group workout not only promises great weight loss results but will also have you smiling throughout.

Who Would Benefit?

Despite the Bootcamp being of higher intensity, it is open to all fitness levels. We actively change exercises to suit those who may need a slightly easier option. Open to both men and women, the metabolic effects of the workout lends itself perfectly for those who want to accelerate their weight loss and fitness results.

Benefits of Doing This Workout 3 Times a Week…

Running your own business can often mean long hours and fitting in a trip to the gym can be an absolute nightmare. However, since I’ve joined All About Me Fitness I can easily fit in one of their 30 minute high intensity Bootcamp sessions. Not only do they fit perfectly into my day but they are fun and energising (not to mention tough!) – Kim

Attending the Bootcamp 3 times a week can have huge benefits to your fitness, health and weight loss results. Benefits can include:

bullet2Improved General Fitness

bullet2Accelerated Weight Loss

bullet2Increased Muscle Tone

bullet2Faster Metabolism

bullet2Improved Quality of Sleep

bullet2Increase in Muscular Strength and Endurance

Opening Times

Open Circuit – Monday – Friday – 6am – 8.30am

“Drop in for 30min workout”

Evening Group Sessions

Monday – Friday

Sessions start at 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm*, 8pm*

*These currently do not run on a Friday

Max 10 People Per Session Booking is Essential

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