This week we put up a meme to find out what you thought about which was healthier between bread and tortilla wraps. Unanimously with over 80% of the vote the Tortilla wrap took the public vote being seen as the healthiest!

For those of you that know me, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that there was a little trick in the question. It’s interesting to see what peoples perceptions of foods are and how they relate to a thing called the ‘Health Halo’.

What is the Health Halo?

The health halo is a phrase that was created to describes peoples perceptions to particular foods depending on their brand or content. The perception of something like a low fat food automatically being seen as healthy can automatically lead to it being selected as the ‘better choice’ and consumed more often ultimately leading to overconsumption. But realistically are these health halo foods a suitable smart swap?

Why bread and wraps?

I chose to pick read and wraps purely because bread has such a bad rap for itself recently (see what i did there :P). In todays world bread is often seen as a bad food and so when shopping for that quick lunch, people will turn to the perceived ‘better’ option and in this case it would be the wrap.

So lets answer the question… Which one is better?

In the grand scheme of things it would actually be easier to find a healthier bread that it would be wrap, especially when you start to factor in whole grain options etc. However both can make good options if you are careful in selecting the right one.

It is important to remember that 1 wrap usually contains around the same calories as 2 or more slices of bread as they compress the ingredients down to create a wrap. So whilst on the face of it being thinner and smaller than bread, it can actually be easier to over consume. That doesn’t mean their aren’t wraps out there that are more comparable with 1 slice of bread, but the likelihood of that being in your local shops meal deal is slim.

Be sure to check the label before selecting either as both can contain a fair bit of salt and if you want to choose the wrap always look for something that is thinner and smaller to save on your carbs.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t just always believe what you hear. Just because bread is the latest food to be made a bad example of doesn’t mean it’s actually bad for us.

Final Note

Someone very wisely mentioned on the post, it does 100% depend on what you fill them with. So stack it full of salad, skip on high calorie dressings and put a good portion of lean protein in.