The other week I wrote about goal setting and how we should look to goals that we can control rather than the ones that are out of our hands. This was me saying that aiming to make the gym 3 times this week is a better goal than losing a stone in weight as we can physically control the out come of the goal. It is in our power to succeed or not, where as losing a stone in weight will be dependant on a lot of variable factors. However regularly completing your controllable goal will push you towards the uncontrollable outcome.

This week I want to discuss a similar theme of moving away from what the dreaded scales say and towards being able to find results in other parts of your life.

Whilst a lot of people use their weight as the main driver for coming to the gym or eating heathy, improving your lifestyle should play a lot bigger role than just what those scales say. Hence the need to look for ‘Off The Scale Results’

Over the 14 years of my career I have worked with many different clients all with different goals and aspirations to what health and fitness means to them. Whilst some have taken huge pride in their weight loss results, sometimes its the ones that have had such lifestyle improvements that stay with me for longer.

I’ve trained one person for 7 years, with variable success on his weight. When he’s in the zone with his nutrition the weight drops off him, but he can’t seem to stay in that spot forever (sound familiar?). Many people would give up with their training a long time ago when they can’t balance the weight but the reason he has stayed with me so long is due to the positive effects it has had on his lifestyle. Having moved house recently he’s now faced with the challenge of 3 flights of stairs to his apartment, a task he’ll take on a regular basis with bags of shopping also a task he completes with ease due to his consistency of keeping fit all this time.

You see health and fitness is a lot more than what it says on the scales… it can be about being able to face day to day challenges and complete them with relative ease, it can also be about being able to go through the day feeling full of energy and ready to take the world head on or it could be just wanting to feel better about yourself.

When starting your journey, think about all the positive impacts this new healthier lifestyle could have on you. Don’t just focus on the scales!!