Yesterday we posted a meme on Facebook that outlined the never ending diet cycle. If you looked at it and said ‘that’s me!’ then I can promise you that you’re not the only one as it is really common trait in people that want to lose weight.

The problem arrises because as a nation we believe the only way we can lose weight is by dieting and really restricting the foods we eat.

‘I’m an all or nothing person’

Is that something you’ve said to yourself before? Well it’s something I hear as a trainer on a regular basis. People seem so adamant that they can’t enjoy life little pleasures whilst losing weight as they will just end up splurging and ruining their diet.

In reality it is totally the opposite.

Psychology suggests that the more we make something off limits to ourself, the more we will crave that something. So telling ourselves we must not eat ‘bad food’ is only going to make us want them more, this will then complete the dieting cycle as you eventually give in to the cravings and before you know it the ‘bad food’ becomes a staple in your diet.

So how can we stop this cycle?

The cycle is stopped by understanding you can have a treat without it totally spoiling your diet its finding the balance that is important. Being able to manipulate our calories around the week to allow for treats means you can create a balanced healthy diet. It’s also important to note that if you slip up as a one off and have a bit of a splurge then all is not lost, you won’t put your weight back on over night! Simply get back onto your plan the next day and you won’t notice it in the slightest.

Diet breaks

Another useful tool in this is taking planned diet breaks, living in a constant weight loss scenario is pretty impossible and taking diet breaks allows you to increase your calories slightly and ease off worrying about what you’re eating a little. It’s a great way to use a plateau during your weight loss to benefit you, don’t worry about putting on weight in that time as you would work the calories out to maintain your results so far.

It is more than possible to beat this never ending diet cycle, it just takes a bit of planning and allowing yourself to treat.