Rather than the outcome.

I’ve been guilty of this all my PT career. When working with clients I’ve always focused their goals around what they want from their training. Now it’s not unusual for everyone who is starting out on their fitness journey to have an idea of how they want to look or what they want to weigh, so these goals aren’t normally hard to decide on.

Something in my mindset has changed and so should yours

The last couple of weeks my blogs have centred around not striving for the perfect body, but working towards progress each week. Yet when you start at the gym the first thing we always talk about is why are you here and generally this focuses on how you want to look.

This isn’t strictly the wrong thing to do as it is often wanting to change the way we look that gives us that spark to come to the gym, but in reality our goals should be a bit more towards our controllable actions rather than the outcome we want.

Why is this?

Well firstly it is important to know that out progress in terms of fitness and weight loss, as much as we want it to, won’t be linear. This means that some weeks you’re going to step on the scales and find you’ve not lost any weight or you’ve in fact put a little on and thats OK! It is perfectly normal to fluctuate throughout your journey, as long as the correlation throughout your progress is towards the end goal then we’re perfectly on track.

But if you consistently focus on this ‘end goal’ any kind of movement away from it, no matter how small, is going to feel really negative. However, if you can set yourself goals/ action points that you can control, you’re going to know that if you complete them then your progress will eventually continue.

What are controllable goals?

Controllable goals, also known as action points, are the things in life we actually are able to physically change. Where as we can only influence outcome based goals, we have no physical control to guarantee they happen but with controllable goals we do.

Examples of controllable goals would be;

  • To go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
  • Eat protein every meal.
  • Try new piece of fruit and veg every day.

What you will find is if you focus on your controllable goals, you will work towards your outcome ones without even needing to worry about them. Make sure you track and celebrate your progress on the way and before you know it the controllable goals will become habit and you’ll be naturally creating a happier, healthier you!