Starting the gym can be a daunting task, once you’ve got over the initial fears of actually entering the building you’re then faced with a mountain of kit that you some how need to start using. Add all that to the fact the fitness industry is a wash with false promises and information it can leave you a bit dazed and confused.

So to help all the fitness newbies out there here is my guide to getting started.

Firstly, seek out a gym, fitness class or studio that makes you feel welcome, comfortable and supported. Theres no point joining somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable when you’re working out, even the best motivation in the world won’t be enough to keep you going back.

Be consistent – Results take a good amount of consistency, just because you might not see something working straight away doesn’t mean that results are not just round the corner. It takes about 12 weeks to really start noticing the changes in your body so don’t get bogged down about what it says on the scales, be consistent with your lifestyle changes and good things will happen.

Progress over perfection – As I mentioned in last weeks blog, there is no such thing as a perfect body. Celebrate the progress you make in time, stop striving for something that might just be unattainable.

Don’t overdo it – Its a popular scenario for beginners that when they start out on their fitness journey they think the more they do the better the results. Now whilst this means you’ll be burning more calories it also means you’ll be running your body low on energy. 2-3 full body workouts a week is more than enough to get you started, as long as you consistently improve your workouts then you’ll 100% get results.

Move more everyday- It’s not just the exercise you do in the gym, but the activity you do outside of it makes up a massive part of it too. There is no point slaving away in the gym if you’re just going to drive to the front door of the shops. Our body is a vehicle and designed to move, so use it… The more you move in the day the more energy you’re going to burn.

Get some support – There is no denying that your journey is going to be tough. There is going to be times that you’ll want to give up, so get yourself some support. This could come in the form of a weight loss group, a gym buddy, a Facebook group or even a good coach/ personal trainer.

Don’t worry about what other people think – Being self conscious is the downfall to many a peoples fitness kick. Others in the gym won’t be looking or judging you and besides they are only there doing the same thing as you. So try your best to focus on you and your workout.

Go with a plan – Don’t just go at it willy nilly, go to the gym with some goals and a plan. If you’re struggling to create one then seek a good coach that will help you put this together. No having a plan would be like trying to find your way from London to Glasgow without a sat nav, you might get there eventually but will take a lot of detours on the way.

HAVE FUN!!! – We all know by now that the decision to workout is for life not just for Christmas (oh yes it is coming). So have a bit of fun, enjoy your surroundings, have a laugh with people that you train with. The more enjoyment you take out of being at the gym the more you’re going to keep at it.