Over the years weight loss has been a hotly debated topic with so many different ideas behind hows and whys of loosing weight. In fact it has become a veritable minefield of misleading information and even now there are literally 100’s of pointless arguments into what causes weight loss.

The key fact of the matter is the calculation behind weight loss, at least for most of us, is simple. The fact you have to create a calorie deficit (calories in must be lower than calories out) is the only principle that will work for 9 out of 10 of us.

Every diet follows this principle.

The one thing that all diets that actually help you to lose weight have in common is that they all follow this one simple calories in v calories out principle. It doesn’t matter what diet you choose, whether it’s low fat, low carb, no sugar, paleo… The list goes on and one, the underlying factor remains and will always remain that creating a calorie deficit.

So why are there so many arguments.

There’s a number of reasons behind these arguments but one of the main ones is money… If it is so simple to lose weight then there is less likely for you to spend out on a programme. By over complicating things or giving different reasons for weight gain/ loss it means there is always a programme, book, app, supplement or gadget to buy meaning the weight loss industry begins to grow.

Whilst the theory behind weight loss is simple and the actions steps behind it should be easy to follow. You might sometimes need realigning and pointing in the right directing or that helping hand to keep you on the path and this is where the true value of those working in the weight loss industry should be, not in keeping people confused and making things complicated.

Keep it simple.

Here is the meme we posted earlier in the week on how to keep weight loss simple. Is there anything you do to keep your weight loss methods simple? Comment on our FB post.