Getting your portion sizes right, especially when it comes to fats and carbs, can be the difference between losing weight at a constant speed and putting it on.

It is important to understand that portioning our foods is really dependant on our goals. A body builder, who wants to get in supreme shape so that every bit of shredded muscle can be seen, will have to be a lot more accurate and precise about their methods than the average mum just trying to lose some weight and stay healthy. But equally our portion sizes have to change as our weight gets lower.

This blog will go through a quick starter for 10, a simple way of portioning out your food without the need of scales and ensure you get near enough the right levels of macronutrients throughout the day.


By now we know the importance of protein, but how much meat should we have? Well a good place to start is to compare it with the size of your palm. Ladies try and get at least one portion per meal whilst men might want two per meal

Veggies –

Having a plant based diet is massively important to ensure you get enough micronutrients in your diet. This time use the size of your fist to compare the amount of veg you have. Like the protein, women go for 1 portion
whilst men have 2.

Carbohydrates –

Base your carbohydrates around when you do exercise and you won’t go far wrong (generally after exercise to replenish stores). This time it’s approximately a cupped hand size and the gender split is exactly the same as protein and veggies.

Healthy Fats

A portion of healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, oils and avocado, is essential to a good diet. Using your thumb you can portion out your healthy fats easy.