For anyone that has visited All About Me Fitness recently, you might be able to tell that something is in the pipeline and we’re not talking about plumbing issues.

Over the last 2 years I have been working behind the scenes to really create the best and most supportive fitness brand possible. This has led to a variety of experiments through our bootcamps, classes and variations to our ladies circuit to find the best way to serve all out members now and in the future.

Well I’m pretty delighted to announce that in September we will be launching a big restructure and rebrand. Nope we’re not changing our name, but we will be relaunching ourself as a Lifestyle Studio rather than a Gym.

Why a Lifestyle Studio?

Over the several years of my career gyms have gone through a massive transformation and whilst play a massive part in keeping people fit and healthy, they have a lot of negative connotations around them that can often deter people from going to them.

Having built a brand that prides itself on our warm welcome and inclusive nature, I really wanted to move away from the negative connotations of the word gym and create a training environment that influences more than just a workout but your whole lifestyle.

What’s New?

Firstly I want to just point out that the ladies studio is here to stay! 🙂 Keeping the ladies studio running was the most important factor in all our changes, however it will be moving to the studio upstairs to a more private and undisturbed area within All About Me Fitness. So if you’re looking at a low impact training session perfect for improving mobility, beginners fitness or a training area where you just feel more confident then this is perfect for you.

Having moved the ladies studio upstairs this has really given us chance to expand what we do downstairs and I am really pleased to announce the development of our HIIT Studio and Stretch and Recovery Area. For the first time, we will also opening our doors to men who want to workout in the mornings or daytime.

Our Brand new HIIT Studio will host a wide range of new equipment whilst catering for ALL of our classes including;

  • Bootcamp
  • Spin
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Box-HiiT
  • And much much more… (keep a look out for new classes on our up coming timetable)

Outside our classes it will also be open for PT sessions and your own workout session, if you just want to go at your own pace. The plan is to launch a new timetable that will run throughout the day and offer a whole host of classes designed to help overcome a wide range of training concerns.

The Stretch and Recovery area will be a floor space perfect for stretching after your workout, working with with our lovely physiotherapists we will be providing some great advice on how to recover properly. The area will also be hosting 2 new state of the art curved treadmills and cross trainer, perfect for either getting your daily steps up or those lung busting HiiT workouts.

What’s it all going to look like?

We have had 2 concept drawings made to give you an idea of how the gym will look in the coming weeks. Please not however these are only concepts, the layout and machinery will differ from the pictures.


I hope you are just as excited as we are for all the new changes to be hitting the All About Me Fitness. Throughout August we will be announcing more content and changes to our Lifestyle Studio including coaching packages, new timetable and nutrition.

I really cannot wait! 🙂