So you’re doing everything right, we’ve helped you build the right eating habits and you’re exercising at least 3 times a week whilst building activity into your day… It feels great right? Especially when you feel your clothes getting looser and see the numbers on the scales start to plummet.

Getting in shape can honestly be that easy! But what happens when, one cold morning you wake up half asleep, drag yourself to the bathroom where you step on the scales and suddenly without warning you’ve put a pound on!!! All that hard work, every treat you’ve skipped, all the veggies you’ve consumed just doesn’t feel worth it. You instantly look to the negative, you forget you’ve already lost half a stone or more, suddenly this healthy lifestyle doesn’t work. Your next trip to the gym, if there is one, isn’t about working out but more a cry for help or a rant at the trainer as they’ve lied to you all along and you’ve just wasted your time and money.

Well my advice to you is just STOP for a second, take a deep breath and have a think. Look back over your progress, it’s clear to see you have made huge changes in your weight and body composition you just need to look at the positives not the negatives. 9 times out of 10, if you can get over that negative hurdle and be consistent with doing the right things then the best results are literally waiting round the corner.

Ignore small fluctuations in weight and concentrate on the end goal

It’s hard to take but not overtime step on the scales there will be a positive result for you, thats just the way it goes and it can be for a number of reasons. However as long as the overall correlation of weigh ins is heading towards your target, then I can promise you that you have nothing to panic about.

Fluctuations can often be down to water retention, a small change in our food can actually add up to a large increase in water being stored by the body. Things like;

  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Increase in nutrients
  • Hormonal factors
  • Just drinking more

Can lead you to holding onto more water for a short time and this will reflect in the scales when you stand on them. Even eating more food, than normal, the day before can lead to an increase on the scales.

It is important not to panic at this point. If you remain in a calorie deficit, keep your activity up and your resistance gym work going then MOST of the time you’re results are going to continue in the right way.

Talk to your coach

I’d love to tell you that this was a 100% fool proof guarantee, but unfortunately there is always the occasional time when weight loss doesn’t follow this rule and you find your weight either stay the same or slowly creep up over a few weeks.

My plan of action would be to;

  • Don’t overreact to the first weigh in – 9 times out of 10 you can fix this issue by being consistent with your action points.
  • Monitor your weight over 3-4 weeks – If there is no change speak to your coach about troubleshooting.
  • Do not panic at any point – All is not lost, most the time it is a small change to make that will see you back on track.