Creating a calorie deficit doesn’t have to be a big deal. Whilst ‘dieting’ and large behavioural changes can get you to your goals quicker, it’s not for everyone and often the changes are too hard to consistently manage that falling off the bandwagon becomes too easy.

You don’t have to make a huge changes to your nutrition to make a positive change and start to create a calorie deficit. Sometimes just swapping out calorie dense foods for lower calorie options can leave you feeling full, help to lower your cravings and improve your health.

Be smart about your swaps 

Don’t totally cut out the things you like just because it has slightly higher calories than the perceived ‘healthy’ options. For example milk, if you like a drop of whole milk in your coffee a swap to skimmed milk will make little or no difference to your over all intake. As whole milk is only around 20 calories per 100ml. However if you’re drinking gallons of the stuff, then making this swap becomes smarter.

Look at swaps that will make a real impact to your diet by saving you 50+ calories per swap.

What swaps could you make?

Chocolate for High Protein Snacks – If there was one food that tops most peoples list of cravings chocolate will probably be up there. But a lot of chocolate bars are around 250 calories which can take a massive chunk out of your daily allowance. If you tend to eat a lot of chocolate and struggle to keep it to a square or 2, then try swapping it out for high protein snacks such as Bounce Balls (find out more here). You could easily save 100 calories here and still enjoy a sweet treat.

Sugary Drinks For Low Calorie/ Diet Options – Here is a controversial one, now I’m not saying diet drinks are healthy and we should freely enjoy them… BUT if you have that craving for high sugary drinks then swapping them for a diet option will help you reduce your calories throughout the day. However the best option? Drink more water. (Please note the jury is still out on the health ‘risks’ of diet drinks. At the moment there isn’t enough evidence as a valid smart swap, however this could change with more research)

Fruit In The Corner Yoghurts for Natural Yoghurt With Fruit – Often seen as a great packed lunch filler, the yoghurts with fruit in the corner pack a massive punch when it comes to sugar content. Try swapping this out for natural or low fat greek yoghurt with fresh fruit such as blue berries and strawberries. Not only are you going to reduce sugar you’ll instantly increase vitamins and minerals in your diet.

This is just 3 ideas to get your creative juices flowing, can you think of some more? Why not comment on our FB link your ideas that could help others find smart swaps in their diet. Struggling for ideas? Just tell us what you eat too much of and we’ll give you our best swap suggestions. 🙂