Eating out or socialising whilst on a diet is often seen as a big no no… Just because you’re making restrictions to what you’re eating, suddenly being able to enjoy yourself is seen as a bad thing. I can promise you though it doesn’t need to be this way, this is why I have put together some top tips to allow you to enjoy a good night out whilst loosing weight.

Get ready to wine, dine and still feel fine!

1- Plan for your evenings out a week in advance – If you want to enjoy a good night out and not have to worry about what you eat, then prepare yourself at least week in advance by being super strict on your calorie deficit. You can literally manipulate your calories throughout the week in order to stockpile some for the weekend and enjoy your night freely. Now I don’t mean starve yourself the whole week, you still need to be responsible in your calorie intake, but maybe cut out that occasional treat or lower portion sizes a little in ensure you have a bit more of a buffer. Lowering you calorie intake by just 100 in a day would give you 700 to enjoy on your meal out.

2- Split your fats and carbs – When picking your meal for the evening try not to mix high fat and high carb foods together e.g chips or ice cream as these tend to be very energy/ calorie dense. Pick a meal thats either high fat low carb, e.g Steak Salad, or low fat high carb e.g chicken pasta, as this will potentially keep your calorie intake down. My biggest tip here is to avoid buffets! There are far far too many options here and the tendency is to eat as much as you can.

3- Skip a course or 2 – Do you really need starter, main and dessert? Why not minimise the damage that eating will do to your calorie intake by just having one course rather than 3.

4- Be prepared – A bit like when going shopping, go in with a plan and stick to it. Making decisions when you’re hungry will often lead us astray, so be prepared early. Most restaurants now will put their menu on their website (failing that call them up for a copy), spend a few minutes going over it and pick out the best low calorie option for you before you go to the restaurant and then stick by it!

5- Alcohol and liquid calories– Be aware that a lot of drinks contain calories too, why waste your calorie intake on ‘full fat’ soft drinks when you could easily enjoy a diet drink and enjoy more food. Going for an after dinner coffee? Try to avoid the calorie bound latte, cappuccino or irish 😉 and go for a flat white or black coffee. If you’re going to drink alcohol look at simple swaps such as mixing your drink with a diet drink rather than juice or the ‘full fat’ option. Sip drinks slowly to make them last and try to alternate each drink with water.

Going out during your diet period doesn’t have to be a complete no go, just be prepared, choose sensibly and make small sacrifices to enjoy an active social life whilst not straying from your diet too much. 🙂