You’ve probably heard about them all… From the Atkins diet to lighter life and beyond. Dieting in the western culture have become a part of everyday life. Despite most people hating diets and all the bad press about how diets ‘don’t’ work, the weight loss industry still makes billions every year off the back of them.

So why are diets so popular?

Well initially lets just dispel a quick myth… Diets DO work! Yep thats right I said diets DO work. Granted I am talking about in the short term, but if we’re discussing weight loss properly then diets (and it doesn’t matter which diet you follow) cleverly create a calorie deficit and you lose weight.

The problem is they are more than often not sustainable and we end up putting of weight after finishing them, but what actually isn’t working is us being able to create a balance between eating ‘good’ and enjoying the nicer things in life. The diet lost you the weight, it’s the lifestyle after that puts it back on.

The key behind diets being popular…

The main reason dieting is popular is because it gives us rules and a structure to follow, they don’t allow for deviance so you are programmed to eat in a certain way which is designed to create a calorie deficit. It is only when we allow choice back into our eating that the wheels start to fall off and we start to put weight back on.

Now am I saying we should live by such strict rules all the time? Nope… But following a structured diet in the short term isn’t always a bad idea (as long as it is healthy, not all diets are so proceed with caution) but you must have a plan to create an energy and lifestyle balance.

Getting nutrition right is a long game not a sprint and what is right for someone else might not be right for you. Having a diet that has a clear structure to it is going to allow you to create better adherence whilst you work out the right lifestyle balance later down the line.